Gina Poole – Amazon

Gina Poole – Amazon

CMO, Game Developers

High-tech marketing executive with global technology industry expertise and a track record of transforming marketing with technology to drive brand loyalty and capture new opportunities. Pioneer new marketing technologies that leverage customer insights, data, and analytics to optimize results and forge new internal/external partnerships that expand market reach. Excel in building large online communities that engage and convert new prospects into brand advocates. Deliver high-impact product and brand 360-degree campaigns that exceed targets. Repeated success building, developing, and inspiring top-performing, innovative teams with high morale.

Expertise in Global Marketing (Strategy, Campaigns, Lead Generation, Digital, Events,Email, PR and AR), Channels, Communications and Software Development. Highly regarded as an expert in all aspects of digital marketing and outreach with a proven track record of success; 25+ industry awards.

Marketing to Game Developers

Games have the power to connect communities at a massive scale. The evolution that began with arcade communities a quarter at a time, growing to the live streams and esports of today, will continue to a future where games are a global cultural touchstone that cuts across age, gender and nationality. It is estimated that […]