Two days packed with sessions, workshops, panels and networking events for and by the top devmarketing professionals in the industry!

Our second annual Developer Marketing Summit was a hit! For more developer outreach and marketing sessions, click the link to visit our 2019 Developer Marketing Summit.

2019 Summit


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                                                            Monday, September 17, 2018
8:00am – 5:00pm Registration
8:55am – 9:00am Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:00am – 9:45am Janel Garvin, Evans Data Corp – Founder and CEO
Marketing – From the Developer’s Point of View
Evans Data has been conducting an annual survey of developers focused entirely on marketing methods for 20 years. In this session Janel presents highlights from the most recent Evans Data Developer Marketing survey covering topics such as: Knowing the Developer – demographics and psychographics; Motivators and Influencers, Purchasing Authority, Outreach, Using Social Media, Contests, Events and Hackathons, Search Engine Advertising, Using email and newsletters, and more. Find out what actual survey research tells us about marketing to developers!
9:45am – 10:30am Alisa Maclin, IBM – VP of Developer Marketing 
Doing Well by Doing Good- Uniting Developers for a Cause
How do you turn thousands of developers into heroes? For over a century, IBM has applied talent and technology globally to advance commerce, exploration, education, economic development, environmental sustainability, healthcare and more. In May of 2018, IBM became the founding partner for another ground breaking global initiative, Call for Code — an ambitious, 5 year global developer challenge to help those impacted by natural disaster. In partnership with The American Red Cross, United Nations Office of Human Rights, The Linux Foundation and many others, Call for Code is engaging coders around the world to develop sustainable solutions for disaster preparedness and risk mitigation, with the aim of saving lives. In Alisa Maclin’s keynote she will discuss the role that marketing plays in successful longer term cause based initiatives, and share insights on engaging developers globally. 
10:30am – 10:45am Break
10:45am – 11:30am Desiree Motamedi, Facebook – Head of Developer Product Marketing
We’re in This Together: Building a Developer Marketing Community
Developers are the lifeblood of the tech industry. They’re building software and apps, helping our world to advance, and driving business decisions while connecting people worldwide through technology. But as marketers, how do we reach them, and how do we partner with them more effectively? The answer lies in sharing our experience and knowledge with each other. Desiree will share how she created a community where developer marketing professionals around the globe can connect. It’s a place where the brightest minds in the industry can share best practices, strategies, and provide mentorship to each other. In this session, Desiree will share her experiences in building this community and more importantly, how it helps its members find success and engage their developer audiences in innovative ways. 
11:30am-12:15pm Expert Panel
Measuring your Marketing Team’s Success
A well-functioning team is crucial to marketing success, but how do you formulate a winning team? Where do you allocate resources?  How do you track and measure developer marketing successes? Our panel of experts will discuss the best practices for the organizational structure of your developer marketing team! 
Moderator: Marc Naddell, Gyrfalcon Technology Inc – VP of Marketing
Panelists: Bill Talbot, CA Technologies – Vice President, Solution & Product Marketing
Nina Sui, Microsoft – Senior Product Marketing Manager
Padmini Murthy, Oracle – Principal Developer Marketing Director, Global Meetups
Pablo Fraile, ARM – Director of Developer Ecosystems
12:15pm – 1:15pm Lunch
1:15pm – 2:00pm Katie Penn, Amazon – Director of Platform Marketing 
Leading with Authenticity: Tips for Growing Developer Communities
Amazon celebrates developers across all of our brands – Amazon Web Services, Alexa Skill Developers, Twitch Developers, AppStore, and Game Tech to name a few. We all know that developers are not all the same and the various segments have different needs and motivations. Katie will share her “Top 10 List” for how to interact authentically with the developers you want to reach.
  Breakout Session
  Track 1 Track 2
2:00pm – 2:45pm Lacey Senko, Cisco – Head of Developer Marketing
The Swiss Army Knife of Offerings—How Cisco’s DevNet Grew to 500,000 Developers
Cisco’s Developer Program started over 4 years ago and in that short time has grown to over 500,000 strong. But, what does a hardware company have to do with developers? A good question and one we in marketing deal with every day. Come and learn the 6, well maybe 7, Swiss Army tools you can arm your audience with to be loyal and active community members.
Neeharika Nagisetty, Worldpay – Senior Leader, Go to Market, Marketing
How to Position Your Developer Marketing Program for Success
By creating the first developer community in the payments sector that prioritized payments education, developer peer to peer support, and developer content, Worldpay was able to generate a new revenue stream for the company, in addition to creating a positive, learning-based community for payments developers. This talk will cover getting buy-in for starting a developer marketing program, positioning a developer marketing community for success and how to leverage a developer network in your go to market efforts. 
2:45pm – 3:30pm Interactive Hot Topic Round Tables – Join your colleagues for in-depth roundtable discussions on topics that matter in Developer Marketing, including: social media, blogs, developer events and hackathons, creative content, segmentation and personas, advertising, and effective messaging.
3:30pm – 3:45pm Break
  Breakout Session
  Track 1 Track 2
3:45pm – 4:30pm Nisha Baxi, Salesforce – Director, Developer Marketing
Top 5 Lessons every Developer Marketer Should Know
Learn what to keep in mind when building a developer community, marketing campaign and messaging. If you’re a seasoned dev marketer or brand new to the trade, you’ll learn something new in this session!
Sara Faatz, Progress – Senior Product Marketing Manager
Engaging the Influencer: Creating a Program that Builds Champions
The Influencer community is strong in the developer space. Whether they are bloggers, speakers, active on social, or user group/meet up leaders, influencers can make (or break) a product. In this talk, we’ll cover the top ways to engage the influencer in an authentic way to build champions and elevate your brand in the eyes of your audience.
4:30pm – 5:15pm Diana Helander, Twitter – Head of Marketing, Data and Enterprise Solutions
Shifting Business Focus: How to Manage the Impact on your Developer Community
At some point, your organization may need to shift its focus or even disrupt a key aspect of its business – how do you manage the resulting impact on your developer community? Diana will share her experiences helping developer communities (including Flash) make this transition while creating new business opportunities. 
Melissa Greco, Slack – Developer Product Marketing Leader
Culture Forward: Reaching Developers Inside-Out
“Developers! Developers! Developers!” We all heard Steve Ballman’s rally cry splashed across YouTube, as he challenged Microsoft to focus its energy on developers more than a decade ago. We’re all after the same influential community, yet some companies gain traction faster than others. Some experience a one-time spike, while others establish a nearly cultish following that is long-lasting. What is that recipe for success? In this session, you’ll learn how the internal culture, practices and values of a company fundamentally impact external developer loyalty.  

5:15pm – 6:15pm Networking Cocktail Reception – Sponsored by Developer Media
Join your fellow attendees for drinks, networking, and enjoy fun giveaways from the tech marketing experts at Developer Media!
Tuesday, September 18, 2018
8:30am – 9:00am Registration
9:00am – 10:00am

Julie Karbo, Karbo Communications – CEO
Mine Is Bigger Than Yours: Creating Positioning That Moves Markets
Only one in four corporate brands is perceived as different from its competition, according to a recent study by Forbes. Most brands’ inability to identify – and communicate – unique positioning leaves them susceptible to being lost in a sea of similar solutions and competing products. In this session, we will discuss common positioning pitfalls and highlight best practices for marketing to developers, from avoiding buzzwords to striking the right balance between technical information and brand evangelism.

Michelle Little, Evans Data – Analyst
Digging Deeper: Understanding Developer Motivations
A key goal of market research is to reveal actionable findings that inform business purposes. Too often, motivational data is overlooked. What factors drive developers to make the choices they do? In this session, we will explore techniques from user experience research, psychological science and market research to uncover developer motivations.
10:00am – 11:00am

Lisa Sidlow, Developer Media – Vice President of Sales
A Deep Dive into The Developer Psyche 
Hear from developers in their own words — what they like, what they don’t like, and how they respond to your marketing and advertising campaigns.  We will give you key developer marketing and advertising principles illustrated with real-life examples of highly influential developers so you can increase the success of your campaigns.  Learn the metrics, tactics, messaging, and developer experience that lead to successful developer marketing and sales results. Come prepared to test your knowledge of developers, win prizes, and we will take you on a deep dive into the developer psyche. 

Ritika Trikha, HackerRank – Director of Marketing and Communications & Blane Shields, HackerRank – Director of Customer Success
How to Attract Developers and Build an Engaged Community 
How do you attract developers, and grow your community to 4 million developers? How do you build trust and credibility to boost engagement?  In this session, we’ll share tactical, actionable advice on how HackerRank used content, insights, and feedback loops to help build a destination that developers love. We’ll also dive deep into best practices on how enterprises, like Uber, Capital One, and VMware, built a strong technology brand to attract and retain the right developers.
11:00am – 11:15am Break
11:15am – 12:00pm Belinda Adkisson, Intel – Director, Global Marketing
Top 10 Reasons Marketing People Should Think like Fishermen
Last year we presented a case on avoiding “catch and release” marketing initiatives when building a developer program.  Now with the new rigor of GDPR, capturing customers has marketers reeling on how to build and nurture relationships in this highly private and anonymous environment.  So how do you “catch” new leads and earn the right to nurture? This session will address 10 guiding principles to consider in today’s marketing climate.  Warning: No tech talk and marketing jargon will be used in making of this presentation. 
12:00pm – 12:45pm Lindsay Zwart, Microsoft – GM, Cloud and Enterprise Business
Attracting developers with AI
In a cloud era, technology is changing faster than ever before.  There also is an increase in the competition for the developer’s mindshare which makes it critical to cut through the noise.  Learn how Microsoft is leading with cutting edge AI technology to capture the interest and ultimate mindshare of developers.  In the competition for developer love, Microsoft is applying a growth mindset to the different approaches being taken to attract developers.
12:45am – 1:30pm Lunch
  Breakout Session
  Track 1 Track 2
1:30pm – 2:15pm

Indy Sen, Google – Product Marketing Lead, G Suite
Finding your Happy Path as a Developer Marketer
No one developer is the same, and when it comes to marketing your company’s technologies, one size doesn’t fit all. Succeeding as a developer marketer today means recognizing your business’ specific situation, the mission that you’re on, and pairing it with a marketing strategy that matches. So whether you’re kicking things off at a developer tools startup, or joining a larger team at an established platform company, this session will give you insights on how to design your own happy path when it comes to creating breakthrough developer programs and content. 

Stacey Kruczek, Zebra Technologies – Senior Global Developer Marketing Lead
Building A Better Developer Community Through Collaborative Marketing
Hear the story about how content and collaboration is key when communicating to developers, learn about what challenges we have faced, what new tools we have introduced for our dev community and how we are working towards properly measuring our success. 
2:15pm – 3:00pm Live Developer Focus Group
Real life impressions of your marketing efforts 
Join us for this live focus group to ask developers questions you want to know. Get some answers on how your tactics are working during this sound boarding session. 
3:00pm Prizes and Closing!